Minipi’s “Oldest” Brook Trout

Carl Burt with Minipi's Oldest brookie

Every now and then something remarkable happens on the water, and this time we’ve got documented proof. Meet Minipi’s “Oldest” recorded brook trout, MPP 328. We’ll call him ‘Fighter’ for kicks. Fighter was tagged MPP 328 behind his dorsal fin in 1999 at approximately three years old. He was caught that year at Second Narrows weighing three pounds by Michael Antico. Years later in 2012 Fighter was wrestled in again by Duncan Lewis at the Gorge, weighing three pounds again. And most recently, this wise fish found his way to First Narrows and latched on to Carl Burt’s grey Wulff Continue Reading

Duncan Lewis recalls 25 years of fishing at Coopers’ Minipi Lodges

Duncan Lewis

Minipi has a way of catching hold of some people, the memories people make – not just from the big brookies – are enough to keep the adventurous angler coming back year after year. Case in point, Duncan Lewis. Duncan has been fishing with us for 25 years now, our web manager Mandy sat down for a Q&A session with Duncan to find out what makes Minipi so special to him. How many years have you been coming to Coopers’ Minipi Lodges? I’m going to say it’s been close to 25 although I did miss a couple of years because Continue Reading

Minipi Guides Report – June 2014

We had a great family fishing with us this June, here's a very enthusiastic Madi with her brookie! Awesome job!

Petches, Loon Pond, and West Bay with a finely presented Wulff pattern saw the most action during the last week of June at Anne Marie, while over at Minipi, the fishing was best at both the First and Second Narrows.We had a great family fishing with us this June, here’s a very enthusiastic Madi with her brookie! Awesome job! At the onset of the second week, the consistently bad weather patterns coupled with a stationary low created so much rain that elevated water levels could easily be compatible to a Spring run-off. Sandy beaches soon disappeared as did rocks that Continue Reading

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