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Minipi Virgins No More

MaryAnn and Andre

For as long as I can remember my husband Dave has always wanted to go to Minipi. With wide eyes and excitement, he described how he’s always wanted to catch a trophy brook trout! In fact, the brookie was our first trout species we caught on a fly rod! We were lucky to book the last week of the season this year. It was time for brookie nookie (spawning) so fishing was a bit tougher. Challenge accepted! With my first cast on Little Minipi, I caught and landed the biggest brookie of my life! I was in awe over all 7 1/2 pounds of Continue Reading

Minipi Guides Report – September 2014, Season’s End

The guides and staff of Minipi with the last guests of the season!

The guides and staff of Minipi with the last guests of the season!I wonder where time has come and gone so quickly. Although the fishing season is now over, three months seem like a few short days ago. Even the topsy-turvy weather that we experienced over the summer did not act as a deterrent in the overall success rate. I guess one can say that perseverance usually pays off! Our web manager Mandy will be cataloging the written log book for this past summer and make it available for everyone to see here on the Minipi website. A quick glance Continue Reading

Minipi Guides Report – August 2014

Minipi's big brookies

An amazing brookie caught near the end of AugustWith another fishing season coming to a close the Fish Log book entries confirm that 2014 has been a success. Cooler-oxygenated water at Minipi and Little Minipi saw river fishing maintaining consistent landings – those crazy weather patterns over the summer affected fishing very little there, if any. Of course the green drake hatch or the last big hatch saw West Bay, Lover Boy, Man-a-war and Burnt Lake created action with anglers’ adrenaline flowing much like a four-year-old child’s on Christmas morning. During the first two weeks of August we had very hot Continue Reading

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