Hex vs. Drake

Larry Cory

When Bear Andrews first asked me to go with him to Labrador, he enticed me with descriptions of the big “Hex” fly hatches and spectacular rises by monster Brookies. It worked. I couldn’t wait to see that. Brook Trout have always been my favorite trout and a chance to catch a true leviathan was too much… I HAD to go. Well, the hatches materialized and so did the Brookies. Bear wasn’t pulling my leg. Labrador turned out to be everything he said it was. At one point, I was crouched down in the boat with my camera lens focused on Continue Reading

Minipi Guides Report – July 2014

Minipi Watershed

July month, it seems, was a continuation of June month with bad weather including rain and wind keeping water levels consistently high. A couple of days saw wind speeds of 60km (37 miles) per hour making fishing a real challenge. A huge brown drake hatch at Big Hairy on July 14 was just that, hairy! making it almost impossible for fishermen to entice trout to artificial patterns because of an abundance of available natural ones. Frustrating experiences like this often meant landings were limited to two or three fish at best. Duncan Lewis, a long-time angler at Minipi confirmed that he’s Continue Reading

Minipi’s “Oldest” Brook Trout

Carl Burt with Minipi's Oldest brookie

Every now and then something remarkable happens on the water, and this time we’ve got documented proof. Meet Minipi’s “Oldest” recorded brook trout, MPP 328. We’ll call him ‘Fighter’ for kicks. Fighter was tagged MPP 328 behind his dorsal fin in 1999 at approximately three years old. He was caught that year at Second Narrows weighing three pounds by Michael Antico. Years later in 2012 Fighter was wrestled in again by Duncan Lewis at the Gorge, weighing three pounds again. And most recently, this wise fish found his way to First Narrows and latched on to Carl Burt’s grey Wulff Continue Reading

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