Minipi Loons

Whenever I think of Labrador, I usually think first of the big, beautiful Brook Trout who call this place home. But not far behind… there are the Loons. One of Canada’s national emblems… a symbol of all that is wild and beautiful about this special place.

This female Loon with her young was one of Labrador’s most welcome surprises for me. This particular female was very tolerant of nosy visitors who wanted only to take a few photos and admire her. She was there to greet us every day when we went by on the way to our fishing spots. As long as we didn’t press her too closely, she was proud to show off her young ones. Get too close and she would voice her displeasure with the haunting cry for which they are famous. That distance might vary from day to day with 30 feet being agreeable to her one day and 40 feet the next day. We actually did press a little too closely one day and her mate, who was 100 yards away swam over to us with a minnow in his beak.

Loon with Minnow

He swam up to our boat and tried to lure us away from his mate which we allowed him to do.  We then left them in peace.  There were a number of different Loons at each lodge site, but this particular pair were the only ones who would allow a close approach.  It made for a very memorable trip to see and photograph them.  A rare opportunity and a wonderful gift from a very special place.