Fly Lines for Minipi

Much of the fishing at Minipi calls for using large, bushy dries, bombers, deer hair bugs, and weighted muddler minnows. Wind can also add to your casting problems. I avoid long, delicately or gradually tapered lines. They often have names that belie their design.

Standard weight forwards work fine, but one line I rely on heavily is a bug taper, or bass taper line, usually associated with bass fishing. Such a line has a shorter front taper, with heavier, shorter head. This keeps more weight well forward to help defeat wind and turn over large flies effectively. Check the profile of any line you consider using. This will be shown on the box or instruction sheet, or you can check it out online at the manufacturer’s website.

Another useful line is one with a 5’or 10’ sinking tip. This can be valuable when fish are not interested in surface offerings and you want to get a muddler minnow down in the water column.

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