Nine Minipi Locations You Should Focus On This Year

1. Lover Boy – The narrowing or river section between Anne Marie and Burnt Lake. One of our most popular fishing areas. Fish start congregating here in July and continue through spawning.  Most of the fishing through Lover Boy is done wading.

2. Bathtub – A gentle rapids leading to outlet of Anne Marie Lake. A great evening fishing location. 

3. Petch’s Pond – A shallow lake that warms up first so we get the first hatches of the season here. Mostly dry fly-fishing at this time.

4. Lavoie House – Named after Dr. Mark Lavoie, after he fell in love with the char fishing here. This is hot in September when the char start moving towards spawning locations.

5. Woody’s Rapids – About ½ mile section of Anne Marie River with numerous rapids. Here the fishing is large trout, small trout and northern pike. Usually from July onwards this spot is great for wading. 

6. Hatchery – The headwaters of Minonipi and a prolific spawning area. The stream above the little waterfalls is teeming with juvenile trout.

7. Big Red – The first rapids at outlet of Minonipi.  Named after the big brook trout that have been caught here.

National Geographic's Andrew Brown (left), who loved to fish what we now know as "Andy's Run."

Andrew Brown (left) July 1979.

8. Andy’s Run – The favorite evening fishing hole of Andy Brown, one of the first and regular fishers of Anne Marie. Andy first visited Labrador in 1930s on expedition with National Geographic.

9. Pawtucket Island – A favorite shore lunch location for fishers that fish Petch’s Pond every year.

As always, we’re willing to work with anglers and get them to the locations they want to explore. Morning times are special at Anne Marie, while the mist slowly burns off the lake and breakfast is being prepared, speak with head guide Raymond Best to map out a plan of where you and your partner would like to fish for the day.

We look forward to hosting you!