Life at the Lodge – Anne Marie & Fishing

Here’s a selection of our favorite images from so far this season at Anne Marie Lodge. Click to view larger image.

Minipi Guides Report – August 2015

With summer on its last legs, you might think the opportunities for fishing at Minipi are over. Think again. Now is the time to see brookies and char in their spawning regalia, and according to Nick Karas author of Brook Trout, brook trout in their spawning colors are the “world’s most beautiful fish.” For those of us who have witnessed this transformation we would have to agree.

Except for the latter part of August, those crazy weather patterns continued from July with wind speeds of more than 50kms or 30 miles per hour and higher. The soaring temperatures as of late caused water temperatures to rise and a subsequent drop in water levels, meaning brook trout became harder to catch as they sought cooler locations and were not as active.

During the first half of August the hatching of green drakes at the Lily Pads, Man-O-War Island, West Bay and Elizabeth Point saw lots of rising fish; the hatching of green drakes lasting longer than usual. Anglers at camp at the time had opportunities to witness several boils or feeding frenzies at these very locations.

Again, fly outs to Little Minipi and Minipi produced results as did treks to Woody’s and Halfway Outlets from Anne Marie. The reliable Orange Bomber has been the fly of choice, but let’s not forget the Fat Albert and the Black Gnat; two of which should be included in your tackle-box, especially for this time of year.

Here’s a collage of some recently spotted wildlife in the area.