Minipi’s Experienced Guides

Minipi is rightfully famous for its huge Brook Trout and Char. I’m from Michigan where Brookies are measured in inches … not pounds. Labrador is, without a doubt, the finest place in the world to fish for Brook Trout and Minipi is its crown jewel. The Brookie in this photo was 7 1/4 pounds and was one of the largest I have caught there. But trout of 8-to-10 pounds are within the realm of possibility.

If it were only the fish that brought me to Labrador I might be excused for writing about them alone. But a trip to Labrador is more than just a fishing trip. The wildlife, the scenery, the guides who are worth the trip alone, and the hospitality shown by the Coopers makes each visit a “trip of a lifetime” experience.

Hook in ear - Minipi's Experienced GuidesCoopers’ Minipi Lodges has experienced guides who can answer just about any question you might have about flies, techniques, tackle and places to fish. Most of them also have a wonderful sense of humor…they need it if they are going to guide me. They can extract a fly from your ear with a minimum of fuss and make you laugh at the same time. No… I’m not the voice of experience there. But I’ve seen it done on someone else.

They are a fountain of knowledge, so don’t hesitate to ask questions. Seriously, guides like Raymond Best, Ralph Coles, Todd Rumbolt and Pat Broomfield are some of Minipi’s best and are wonderful sources for helpful tips that really work.