Raymond Best

What keeps a man coming back to the guide’s life summer after summer, in Ray’s case, 35 summers? The answer lies in the man’s soul and in the seductive allure of Labrador’s wilderness.

“I could never be confined to four walls in a conventional job. I have to move freely. I have to be outdoors. As a guide I’m outdoors and I have complete control over my day. How many jobs give you that?”

“And it’s the people. Some of the most interesting movers and shakers in the world have sat in my boat. What other opportunity would anyone have to have conversations with such dynamic people? And with my 35 years out here, I can make their experience here a memorable one.”

Ray’s advice: “Come here with an open mind. Come to experience the people, the land. Of course, you come for the fishing. But it’s not always all about the fishing. You’ll have good days, bad days and some exceptional days. That’s the nature of our sport. But, there’s no question, you will be blown away by the beauty of the Minipi watershed and the size, and strength of the world’s largest brook trout.”

“If you come, I promise you this: every once in a while, for the rest of your life, you will think about Labrador and one of those quiet spots where, on a dry fly, you caught your biggest brookie ever. “