The Rivers of Minipi

The Lakes & Rivers of Minipi

Minnesota, the land of a thousand lakes, has a cousin in northeastern Atlantic Canada. Her name is Labrador whose vast interior wilderness is, indeed, a land with more lakes than there are names for them, plus meandering rivers, swift streams, uncountable brooks, emerald green bogs and sloughs. Someone once said, in Labrador, you can’t walk very far without getting your feet wet.  In fact, you can’t get very far without a canoe.

Curiously, Minipi Lake, is what limnologists call a “river-lake” like the St. John’s in Florida, a wide, slow moving sandy-bottomed, generally shallow body of water with outlets and inlets, necks and narrows. Having spread out at the feet of the forest, what’s called Minipi Lake makes its lazy way for 35 miles, from the Black Fly inlet in the southeast to the Outlet, the Gorge and Minipi Lodge in the northwest.