Landlocked Arctic Char

Minipi Arctic Char

(salvelinus alpinus)

Many arctic char populations migrate from the sea into freshwater rivers to spawn, but other populations remain in deep rivers or lakes throughout their entire lives. During warmer summer months, char tend to sink deeper and deeper looking for cooler water. These landlocked char can grow to impressive size and depending on water temperatures and weather conditions they may be found surface feeding throughout the season.

This speed-demon is a member of the salmon family found in Arctic and subarctic waters. In fact, no other freshwater fish is found as far north. The current world record caught in the Tree River, Northwest Territories, Canada. in 1981 weighed 32 lb. 9 oz. (14.77 kg.)

According to A.J. McLane in his Game Fish of North America “devotees of Atlantic salmon and Pacific steelhead who have not yet experienced Arctic char have denied themselves a revelation: this may be quite literally the strongest fish that swims. It is unquestionably the strongest salmonoid. “ Go ahead, shake your head. But hooking a 10 pounder in the Minipi could erase your skepticism. The cheetah of the arctic? Well, maybe.