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Anne Marie Lodge

If you could pinpoint the center of the Minipi Watershed, it would have to be Anne Marie. The headwaters flow together into compact, smaller bodies of water, and on a jutting peninsula that gives the most breathtaking view, we have built the Anne Marie Lodge. Some 6,000 sq. feet of modern day amenities, this lodge is the perfect jumping off point for anglers wanting to cast their line on any corner of the Minipi Watershed.

The lodge itself was designed so that all bedrooms have large windows and an unobstructed view of Anne Marie Lake. The eastern wing has 5 double occupancy bedrooms, all with en-suite bath. Sitting in the common room with a cup of coffee under one of Derek deYoungs stunning fish art paintings, one can watch a glorious sunrise, and watch that same sun set on the dimpling rises of feeding brookies during the evening meal. Not many stay to enjoy all of the sunset since we’re so big on evening fishing, most will prefer to head out to the dimpling rises and have a go until the incandescent lights of Anne Marie beckon them back for an evening night cap. Many enjoy a fine cigar and celebratory drink on the front deck while the last remnants of the northern sun linger into the twilight hours.

Post and beam construction add to the charm of the lodge. Beautiful old logs from Nova Scotia trucked to Goose Bay, then flown by helicopter or twin otter 65 miles into the wilderness are the focal point of the construction, finished with local spruce and a natural oiled finish that melts the lodge into it’s wild surroundings. The lodge is spacious, new and comfortable, with satellite phone service, continuous electricity, and full service bathrooms, so bring your electric razor, or your CPAP machine even, whatever you need to be comfortable, the Lodge can handle your needs away from home.

Anne Marie Lodge Amenities

The lodge has a full commercial kitchen that offers good food, well prepared and tailored to your likes, by a staff that enjoys what they do, work well in a remote environment, and they all truly love people. You have to have these qualities to spend 3 months off the beaten path, and the people in the Minipi family are just that. Friendly service by down to earth people who care about you and your well being, and who will do their best to make your week great, this is what Anne Marie has to offer.

Anne Marie Lodge amenities
• Fishing Library
• Extensive decks for relaxation with views of Anne Marie Lake
• Wi-Fi high speed wireless internet
• Smoke free environment
• Fly tying desk with vise
• Laundry service on request

Room features:
• Private en-suite bathroom with bath
• Two Single Beds (limited number convertible to King bed)
• Quality linens provided for bed and bathroom
• Serviced Daily

Anne Marie ~ June to Early July

WeekSpots Available
Jun. 7th, 2019Jun. 14th, 20196 spots BOOK NOW
Jun. 14th, 2019Jun. 21st, 20196 spots BOOK NOW
Jun. 21st, 2019Jun. 28th, 201910 spots BOOK NOW
Jun. 28th, 2019Jul. 5th, 2019Sold Out

Small may flies begin hatching early to mid June which starts off the most aggressive feeding brookies for the summer. The first hatches of may flies are usually extraordinary. The smaller streams, inlets and outlets of rivers are the prime fishing locations. June and July are generally warm and sunny, with long daylight hours, and we fish well into the evenings. This is also prime time for northern pike although they are caught in abundance throughout the summer. The small streams and grassy areas are pike heaven. Water starts off as high and drops to medium by early July. Expect daytime average temperatures around 65-70 F and humidity approximately 80%.

Anne Marie ~ Early July to Early August

WeekSpots Available
Jul. 5th, 2019Jul. 12th, 20196 spots BOOK NOW
Jul. 12th, 2019Jul. 19th, 2019Sold Out
Jul. 19th, 2019Jul. 26th, 20194 spots BOOK NOW
Jul. 26th, 2019Aug. 2nd, 20194 spots BOOK NOW

Early July to mid-August is prime time for dry fly fishing with incredibly prolific may fly hatches. The water at times is so loaded with flies that at times your fly can be competing with a dozen Green Drakes. Here quick and accurate casting is key and fly fishermen are fast to learn. This is most exciting brook trout fishing imaginable. Most of the fishing is concentrated around the inlets and outlets where the major hatches occur. As the water level drops the rivers get easier to wade and fish. Water levels usually medium and drop to low by mid-August. The average daily temperatures are 70F with 80% humidity.

This is the best of the river and stream fishing. When water conditions get low fish concentrate in pools and the runs.  There is still some dry fly fishing but with smaller flies 10 through 16+. As the season progresses we fish more with bucktails & streamers and weighted flies. The coloring of the brookies and landlocked Arctic char is now spectacular, and the weights are impressive as the fish have put on up to a pound over the summer. The fish feed a bit more sporadically but when they feed, expect several hours of aggressive intense activity. Daytime temperatures range from 55F to 66F and the nights are cool.



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