Fly Out Adventures
For anglers with the soul of an explorer, we can arrange fly-outs from the lodges to take you even deeper into the Minipi wilderness to discover never-before-fished lakes and streams. Use Google Earth to see the possibilities. Fly-outs come at an additional cost of $500/person.

Two-and Three day packages
Can’t spare the time for a week in the wilderness? No problem. We’ll set you up for a 2 or 3–day cruise on the waters of the Minipi. You can even “come as you are.” That’s right. We’ll supply all the gear. And if Pisces is aligned just right, that’s plenty of time to put some giant Brookies on the end of your line. So, if you’re on a tight schedule, call us to arrange a 2 or 3-day, come-as-you-are adventure on the Minipi.

Global Rescue
Global Rescue provides worldwide advisory, field rescue and evacuation services. Members can choose to be protected against both medical and security emergencies.

From memberships starting at just $119, Global Rescue will arrange and pay for a field rescue from the member’s point of illness or injury and evacuate them to their home hospital of choice.

In addition, Global Rescue’s team of paramedics and physicians, supported by Johns Hopkins Medicine, the top-ranked hospital in the U.S., is on hand to provide 24-hour medical advice wherever you are in the world.
In complex cases requiring hospitalization overseas, Global Rescue paramedics are often deployed to provide bedside medical assistance for our members.

Global Rescue is recognized as the only provider that truly meets the needs of travelling sportsmen and is the proud partner of many of the industry’s leading agents and lodge operators.
+1 (617) 459 4200