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Fly Lines for Minipi

Much of the fishing at Minipi calls for using large, bushy dries, bombers, deer hair bugs, and weighted muddler minnows. Wind can also add to your casting problems. I avoid long, delicately or gradually tapered lines. They often have names that belie their design. Standard weight forwards work fine, but one line I rely on heavily is a bug taper, or bass taper line, usually associated with bass fishing. Such a line has a shorter front taper, with heavier, shorter head. This keeps more weight well forward to help defeat wind and turn over large flies effectively. Check the profile Continue Reading

Lee Wulff’s Labrador Streamer

In 1976 at the ripe old age of 22 I attended a Trout Unlimited banquet in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where Lee Wulff was the guest speaker.  At that banquet Lee showed a film called “Three Trout to Dream About,” which was filmed in Labrador. After seeing that film, I knew that one day I too would fish Labrador.Lee’s Labrador Streamer In 1982, I started calling and talking to various outfitters in Labrador.  After a long conversation with Lorraine Cooper, I decided that Coopers’ was where I would have to go.  On that solo flight to Goose Bay, I met on Continue Reading

Minipi Virgins No More

For as long as I can remember my husband Dave has always wanted to go to Minipi. With wide eyes and excitement, he described how he’s always wanted to catch a trophy brook trout! In fact, the brookie was our first trout species we caught on a fly rod! We were lucky to book the last week of the season this year. It was time for brookie nookie (spawning) so fishing was a bit tougher. Challenge accepted! With my first cast on Little Minipi, I caught and landed the biggest brookie of my life! I was in awe over all 7 1/2 pounds of Continue Reading

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