“What kind of flies should I bring?   Can I buy flies up there?”

The answers are “Big” and “Yes.”

Yes, Minipi Outfitters has flies available for sale as well as at each lodge. But you should try to bring the right flies with you. Chances are that you will probably not find ones big enough at home. It is, for example, unlikely that your local shop carries #6 extra long shank Grey Wulffs.

Yes, the guides will have some flies with them in the boats — but their selection is limited and meant only as an “emergency” supplement to your stash.

If you are a fly-tier, you’ll find a fly tying station at each lodge including a vise, materials and hooks.

I want to come alone.  Is that a problem?

No problem at all, in fact, most folks make some great connections and friendships while here with other sportsmen of like mind. And, if you are willing to possibly share a room and guide with another angler, the double occupancy rate will apply. If you however want your own room and private guide, a private room/guide fee will apply. This option is not always available so please ask.

Is Minipi all lake fishing?

No, not at all. The Minipi system is in reality a network of rivers and lakes, all moving water, that starts at Minonipi and Little Minipi and flows down into the big Minipi system, to the Minipi River, Churchill River and ultimately Atlantic Ocean … all moving, flowing water. Even the “lakes” as such are moving pools between rivers. It is common to see hatches on different parts of this system that may not be accessible from a shoal or the shore, and for those active feeding sessions we are well placed with boats or canoes to take advantage of the feeding brook trout.

I can’t walk well, or I have some health issues, is that a problem?

We can accommodate you. The watershed is so varied that we can place you where you can have the best experience. You can be as agile and mobile as you choose, or as laid back as need be. Our guides will help you in whatever circumstance you are. We have had the spry 18 year olds that can skip from rock to rock like gazelles, right on to folks recovering from strokes, or walking difficulties, and in whatever circumstance, we will work to make sure you are positioned in the right lodge and with the right equipment to make your week special.

What if I have a medical emergency?

We have a special relationship with Global Rescue.  Fortunately incidents are rare, but getting injured or becoming ill in a remote fishing location can be both a serious and costly matter. Global Rescue’s unique ability to conduct a field rescue and to evacuate a member to their home hospital, make them an obvious choice. We highly recommend that our clients consider purchasing a membership.  For more information, visit the Global Rescue website.

When I get to Goose Bay, what then?

We meet your flight and look after your transfer to the sea plane dock, or accommodate whatever circumstance you need upon arrival. Quick check to meet everyone, make sure everyone has what they need, and it’s just a half hour flight from Goose Bay to the lodge. By the time you pinch yourself and say, “Hey! I’m really in LABRADOR!” we’re landing at the lodge.

Can you recommend a travel agent?

If you need professional travel assistance, we and many of our guests recommend the services of Canada One Travel.  They have years of experience with Minipi guests and know all the ins and outs of travel through Canada.  Click here for Canada One 2018 travel rates – Call direct 1-800-376-1303 or email joakley@canada-one.com