Minipi Lodge

All the nutrient richness of the headwaters, from Minonipi, Anne Marie and Little Minipi systems, channel into wonderful river sections that eventually empty into Minipi Lake. This system is some 35 miles long and boasts one of the most versatile fishing experiences of the entire watershed. You have Blackfly to the south, Ten Pound Cove, Rick’s Run, Three Rivers and the First and Second Narrows all along this 35 mile stretch of moving water, and each of those locations has been so productive for Brook Trout that they have earned a name on this wilderness map.

At the western end of this expanse, where everything culminates in the raging waters of the Minipi River we have put Minipi Lodge. Tucked away in a little cove, this prow-front, 4000 square foot lodge makes quite an impression as the bush plane banks slightly to the right and into the calm waters in front of the lodge. This area, once fished by the USAF after World War II has a long history, and an ongoing history, thanks to years of conservation practices pioneered by Lee Wulff, and followed for the last 40 years of operation. Many who fondly remembered military days “on the Goose” and who recall with vivid memory survival training or fishing trips to Minipi have come back decades later to find that the fishing is “as good, if not better” than they remembered in the 1950’s and 60’s. How wonderful to be able to say that today.

The old USAF lodge made the foundation for what is today the Staff Quarters. To the right of that we have the modern day, prow front Lindal Cedar building, all the way from Washington, across Canada and brought into Minipi by hundreds and hundreds of helicopter flights. The richness and beauty of cedar make this a truly remarkable spot, from the inside and outside. One can walk the pathway behind the lodge down the embankment to the Gorge and the first drop of the Minipi River. Remote boats then take one down the first 5 miles of the river until the next set of rapids. Rocky shoals are interspersed along this section of river, making for great stopping points to haul up the boat and cast into the faster waters along the sides. While typically a river brookie will be 1 – 4 pounds, some as heavy as 6 pounds have come from the faster river sections.

The terrain around Minipi is open spruce and snow-white caribou moss, and laden with blueberries and low bush cranberry. A walk along the ridge to the side of the lodge offers a breath taking view of the upper portion of the raging Minipi River and the inlet. A pathway in the opposite direction leads to Lake of the Lost and tiny pan-sized brookies as a reward for any that venture to this often forgotten lake. Venturing out of the cove opens up to 35 miles of fish able water, though you by no means have to go very far to get into the famous brookies, as first we have to stop at Rose’s Brook, or the First Narrows, to get psyched up for the day.

The northern pike are an exciting alternative on a windy day at this location, and you can catch them by the dozens. The Croc Hole boast northerns as long as a man, and they often lie like sunken logs in the shallow areas, sunning themselves in the northern sun. How often are unsuspecting anglers startled by the splash of a 15 – 20 pound pike that nobody knew was there. We have even had several stories over the years where anglers report a tremendous drag on their lines while bringing in a brookie, only to find a northern chomping down and unwilling to let go, and both fish are netted.

The lodge has 2 bedroom wings, 5 bedrooms with 2 bathrooms on one wing, and 5 bedrooms and 1 1/2 bathrooms on the other. The all expanse glass front offers a great view of the cove while dining, and the upstairs loft offers a quiet sitting area for reading or tying flies. A full service kitchen offers well prepared meals by a trained and competent staff.

The facility has all services, continuous electricity that we do not shut off at night, indoor facilities with hot and cold running water.

Minipi Lodge amenities:
• Fishing Library
• Extensive decks for relaxation with views of Minipi Lake
• Wi-fi high speed wireless internet
• Smoke free environment
• Fly tying desk with vise

Room features:
• Two single beds (limited number convertible to King bed)
• Quality linens provided for bed and bathroom
• Serviced daily
• Laundry service on request