Minipi 'book' trout - Minipi's BIG brook trout in Labrador Canada

Minipi ‘Book’ Trout

This is a 3 1/2 pound female Brook Trout. It represents a trout just slightly over the minimum for a “book” fish at Minipi. Almost anywhere else this would be the trophy of a lifetime for a dyed-in-the-wool Brook Trout fisherman..but not necessarily Labrador.

Mind you, it’s still a true trophy anywhere… including Minipi. It’s just not what people come to Labrador to fish for. Everyone wants trout in the 5 to 7 1/2 pound class. It doesn’t always happen, but it certainly does nearly all the time for just about everyone at Coopers’ Minipi Lodges. I know I have never been skunked. Expectations run high here, and I am no exception.

There are no wild places and situations where 100% success is guaranteed but this place is as close as I have ever experienced. Whenever I go on a major expedition, I always have high hopes and prepare as best I can. I stack the odds as much in my favor as possible with the right equipment and clothing and as much information as I can accumulate. Then I depend on the guides and outfitter to put me into situations where I have a reasonable chance to meet my goals.

All of my trips to all the many places I have gone have one goal in common;  I want the experience. I want the scenery, the wildlife, the photo opportunities and I want people that I enjoy being with. The Coopers have always provided that and more. Labrador should be on every fisherman’s “bucket list”. It goes back on my bucket list every time I return from there.

Editor’s Note: At Minipi we catch so many trout that we have to limit our catch log book to those over 3 pounds, thus the term ‘book’ trout. Come and check them out for yourself 😉



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