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The Undiscovered Minipi Watershed

When you picture a perfect day of fly-fishing, what do you envision? Do you catch lots of fish? Few but primarily large fish? Do you imagine trekking trails to find a secret spot that no one has been to before, or do you picture a leisurely spot that has been tested and proven fruitful over many years? Like many of our anglers, we’re guessing that exploring new and yet-untouched lakes and rivers might be what you’re looking for. Previous guests Duncan Lewis and Howard Guptill have told us of spots that, to their knowledge and their guides knowledge, had never Continue Reading

Minipi’s Wildlife

One of the great things about fishing at Minipi Lodge is, despite the fact that you’re going to have fun catching world class brookies, you never know what nature is going to provide you. On one particular day me and my guests Steve, Lewis and Terry decided to go fishing on the Little Minipi River. So as usual Chris the pilot flew us to the Little Minipi OutCamp so that we could take a boat and navigate to the river. To reach the river we had to navigate for about 30 min to cross the lake and get to the outlet. The scenery was beautiful. To be there Continue Reading

Duncan Lewis recalls 25 years of fishing at Coopers’ Minipi Lodges

Minipi has a way of catching hold of some people, the memories people make – not just from the big brookies – are enough to keep the adventurous angler coming back year after year. Case in point, Duncan Lewis. Duncan has been fishing with us for 25 years now, our web manager Mandy sat down for a Q&A session with Duncan to find out what makes Minipi so special to him. How many years have you been coming to Coopers’ Minipi Lodges? I’m going to say it’s been close to 25 although I did miss a couple of years because Continue Reading

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