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Wide Open Spaces – Minipi from the Artist’s persepctive

Well known painter, carver and guide Perry Munro describes Minipi as the ideal place for ‘journey people.’ Our web manager interviewed Munro after his stay at Anne Marie Lodge and learned about what entices him to paint the scenes of Minipi. What first brought you to Minipi? I had no idea what I was first getting into. It was back in the mid 80s, I came up as part of a learning experience on availability of product for a company. I came up and fell in love with the place, been here pretty well off and on ever since. Do you Continue Reading

A Walk to the Falls

It isn’t far from Minipi Lake Lodge to the Falls, but it’s a most interesting ramble. There’s a lot to see and learn here about this northern black spruce ecosystem.  Just keep your eyes open and listen to your guide. This is a landscape shaped by fire, something that becomes obvious as soon as you set off across the sandy hills by the Lodge. There are hardly any spruce here. The low-growing, bushy northern birch is the dominant plant with patches of blueberry and caribou lichen interspersed.  Look for bear, wolf and moose tracks in the damper sections.  A fire Continue Reading

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