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Minipi’s Green Drake

Coopers' Minipi Lodges - green drake

While over the years I have had great fishing at Minipi throughout the season, from ice-out in June until shortly before the snows began to fly in September, the “green drake” hatch, a July phenomenon, has provided some of my most wonderful memories. First, understand that the green drake (Ephemera guttulata) familiar to most anglers in the eastern and Midwestern U.S. is not the same insect. The Labradorean version belongs to a different, though similar genus, called Hexagenia—-not that the brook trout really care! They are closely related to the huge and hugely popular “Michigan mayfly” and are highly prized Continue Reading

Trout Sometimes Want A Big Meal

Guide Ray Best first introduced me to “bass bug” fishing for Minipi brook trout. Neither streamer, nymph, nor dry fly generated any action on this particular day, years ago. Ray handed me a huge, green, deer hair bass frog, which I laughingly handed back, but he persisted and urged me to tie it on. So, more to humor him, although I was still not convinced that this was a sound and legitimate strategy for trout, I greased it thoroughly and cast it across the fast waters at the head of Woody’s Hole, which lies at the base of the flowage Continue Reading

Whiskey Jack

Coopers' Minipi Lodges - wildlife - Whiskey Jack

Many years ago, Howard Guptil (now retired) was guiding Harry Robertson, of Richmond, and me on Anne Marie Lake. We beached the boat to eat lunch ashore, near Lover Boy rock. Harry said, “Watch this.” He held out a piece of a brownie in his hand over his head. Half a minute later, an intrepid little bird, resembling a small blue jay, flew out of the forest, alighted on his hand, delicately took the morsel, and carried off the treat into the pines. Howard then placed a bit of bread on his hat, and the bird returned promptly, sat on Continue Reading

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