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We were fishing out of Minipi Lodge. It was mid-afternoon. We were cruising along the shoreline 30 feet out paddling our way toward the mouth of Shisler’s Cove. The only sound was the slap of water against the bow of the boat. I had my finger on the trigger, which means I was holding a #8 Gray Wulff with the curve of the hook pinched between the thumb and forefinger of my left hand. I held the rod in my right hand cocked up over my shoulder with the line snubbed against the cork. Right at the entrance to the Continue Reading


When I was told that we were going to Loverboy to look for brook trout, I immediately had flash backs to my roller skating days in elementary school. Loverboy is not just a Canadian rock band from the 80’s, but also the name for the narrows, which connect Anne Marie Lake and Burnt Lake in Labrador’s Minipi watershed. Lee Wulff discovered the brook trout here while exploring the vast wilderness of this rugged land in a single-engine floatplane. Not only did he uncover the world’s finest brook trout fishery, but he also sought to conserve it by promoting catch and Continue Reading

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