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Before Lee?

Imagine a pristine lake nestled in the wilderness, untouched by the hands of man and possibly teeming with some of the biggest fish you could ever find. You may be thinking back to a time when Lee Wulff flew his Piper Cub over the rivers of Minipi and discovered the richness of it’s waters and the plentiful fish that lived there. But what if Lee wasn’t the first person do to this? Our guest Tom Rodgers tells us of a time in 1958 when he was a boy of 15 watching home-videos in his prep school classroom from his teacher, Robert Continue Reading

The Undiscovered Minipi Watershed

When you picture a perfect day of fly-fishing, what do you envision? Do you catch lots of fish? Few but primarily large fish? Do you imagine trekking trails to find a secret spot that no one has been to before, or do you picture a leisurely spot that has been tested and proven fruitful over many years? Like many of our anglers, we’re guessing that exploring new and yet-untouched lakes and rivers might be what you’re looking for. Previous guests Duncan Lewis and Howard Guptill have told us of spots that, to their knowledge and their guides knowledge, had never Continue Reading

A Walk to the Falls

It isn’t far from Minipi Lake Lodge to the Falls, but it’s a most interesting ramble. There’s a lot to see and learn here about this northern black spruce ecosystem.  Just keep your eyes open and listen to your guide. This is a landscape shaped by fire, something that becomes obvious as soon as you set off across the sandy hills by the Lodge. There are hardly any spruce here. The low-growing, bushy northern birch is the dominant plant with patches of blueberry and caribou lichen interspersed.  Look for bear, wolf and moose tracks in the damper sections.  A fire Continue Reading

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